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The coastal tourist resort of Aghios Procopios is situated only some 5,5 kilometers far from the town of Naxos (Chora), at the center of the western coast of the island, within a nice natural environment and excellent view both of the inland and of the sea. The village counts some 250 permanent residents.

Apart from the nice view, the beach of Aghios Procopios, one of the best organized beaches of the island, with thick coarse sand and crystal clear turquoise sea, is excellent for swimming, sunbathing and sea sports. All these pros make this beach one of the favorite choices of the visitors of Naxos, mainly of young people.

Once in the settlement, you may visit the tiny church of Aghios Procopios, after which the settlement has been named. Close enough to the church it is situated the well known tourist resort of Stelida. You may also go to “Kokkini Limni” (“the red lake”), an area on the beach that used to be a salt pan; there, if you are lucky enough, you may watch the herons which stop here for a while, before continuing their long journey to Africa.

If you are around during the first days of July, don’t miss to attend the local religious feast, taking place on the 8th of July, in honor of Aghios Procopios.
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